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Our specialty is package strapping equipment, and specifically strapping machinery and tools... Z.R. Tool Inc. is a division of Z.R. Tool and Machinery Company; a privately held company which was founded in 1978. We have become one of the leading package strapping equipment and machinery manufacturers in the world. We design and manufacture the finest package strapping equipment and tools. As well, we produce replacement parts and assemblies for all major brands of strapping machinery and tools.

You identify the need and we create the solution... Our objective is to design products that the industry demands. We provide the latest in innovation to an industry that has seen little change. Through our continued research and technical development we strive to produce products of the highest value and quality and have been awarded numerous patents as a result.

For more than 20 years we have remained focused on what we know and do best... We are experts who understand the interests of the strapping industry. Our services in consulting and custom design projects enable us to help the client determine their requirements. We work for long term, responsible partnerships with our customers.

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